WNDMG Wednesday Shipments: From the Mixed Files


We Need Diverse MG is looking to expand its team of contributing authors. If you think you’d like to join, please fill out the linked form.

Illustration by: Aixa Perez-Prado

WNDMG Wednesday Shipments

It’s a Wednesday pitch call from WNDMG! This month we are excited to tell you that we are looking to expand our team. We’ve been a fixture on the Mixed-Up Files blog for two years, providing readers with once-a-month posts designed to bring diverse writers, books, and readers into focus.

Now is the time to grow! We can’t wait to add more voices to those who contribute content to this important series.

Who should apply?

Do you like middle grade books as much as we do? Are you a middle grade book writer, librarian, or media specialist from an underrepresented or marginalized community? We can’t wait to add your voice to the ongoing conversation about diversifying our shelves!

WNDMG Contributor Responsibilities

Destiny: WNDMG is part of the Mixed-Up Files blog team, which means our contributors work together with the entire blog to keep us up and running. As a contributor to WNDMG, we would ask you to post 2-3 times a year for the series, plus possibly 1-2 times a year for the blog too.

We value quality, original publications on topics that invite discussion about diversifying our bookshelves and the publishing industry, unique book lists, or author interviews.

((What No we make? Book reviews or self-published books.))

Promotion: We need new dedicated members who commit to regularly promote our blog through their own social media pages and ours. We also encourage you to share the good news when our members have a release or good news to share!

blog maintenance: we ask EACH Mixed-Up Files/WNDMG contributor to do at least one blog maintenance job. Some examples of these works (there are more!) are:

  • Updating one of our social media pages
  • Keeping our Oh MG! sidebar news updated
  • Interview Team (they rotate taking interview requests as they come in… but Mixed-Up Files members are always welcome to coordinate interviews themselves!)

Tip to help you prepare: Read some of our posts here: We need a diverse middle grade. What would you like to see in this series? Use it to help you create your shipping sample.

Please spread the word to others who may be interested. If you applied a while ago and still want to join us, we would be happy to receive a new application from you.

Applications will be open until December 1st. We can’t wait to hear from you and will contact all applicants in mid-December. If you have questions, we will be happy to answer them; leave a comment below.

Heather Murphy Caps

Heather Murphy Capps has always deeply appreciated comfort and elegance. She and Claudia would have quickly run out of money together, but they absolutely would have been on the same page about taxis and good restaurants. And, of course, solving mysteries about fine art. That said, Heather also appreciates Jamie’s love of complications, which is why she spent several years living in rural Kenya and later became a TV news reporter, which involved standing for hours in the middle of hurricanes and political battles. She is now raising middle grade readers and writing for them. She loves to read and write books with a lot of science, magic, mystery, and adventure. Heather is the communications coordinator for Mixed-Up Files, as well as the creator/curator of our We Need Diverse MG series. She is committed to creating more diversity in publishing.

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