when the light goes out

Dr. Lisa Myers talks about one of the most heartbreaking moments a person could ever encounter in their life, and that is that of a missing relative. As she describes in her book, When the light goes out Dr. Myers describes the panic, the horrible and painful experience she had to go through, the constant anxiety and state of not knowing, and the insecurity and trauma that relatives of missing persons go through.

Through these periods, when a person is in a hyper-aware state, relationships with the people around them are affected, as was Lisa’s. My heart broke when Lisa told her mother and her children the news. Furthermore, the death of her father was even more devastating since she was plagued with so much violence and anguish.

This book chronicles the loss that changed Lisa’s life and how it affected her mental health. It shows emotional suffering and psychological pain that mark someone for life. It offers ways to cope with such a brutal loss within a community.

This book goes from chapter to chapter, with the first part describing immense pain and suffering and how it interrupted their lives. The second part describes the healing and comfort in coping with the loss of Lisa. Finally, it neutralizes the shame and stigma that Lisa’s mental health generated.

when the light goes out it is a painful and emotional memory, but also an inspiring one. The strength that is inside people when times like this happen shows in the way she handles trauma. This book can be summed up in one sentence from the book of it, In all moments of darkness, we can find the light of meaning..” As someone who is a fan of emotional true stories, I highly recommend this book. But remember to bring your tissues when you read the book!

Pages: 272 | ASIN: B0BG9CV2QS

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