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When baseball was king, the New York Yankees were the kings of baseball by Dr. Len Bergantino is the complete related history of the popular sport and its best players. From the history of baseball to the statistics of its players and their respective journeys throughout their careers. And while the main focus is the New York Yankees, other great teams and their players are also mentioned.

The peculiarity of this book is that it is visually graphic. Include text and images from other sources such as magazines and newspapers. This adds a unique touch to support the quotes and quotes from the author. However, sometimes it appears that the author simply copied and pasted the pages of the books that he considered relevant without properly summarizing and citing the information. The book has fifty-three pages, almost a third of them scanned or excerpted from other books.

The story is told through Dr. Bergantino’s point of view as he discovers baseball and dives deeper into its history and great stars. It tells the story of how his father introduced him to the sport and how she later fell in love with him; This gives it a nostalgic touch that I’m sure old baseball players will appreciate a lot.

While this book is non-fiction and primarily informational, having a “character” narration gives it a story-like quality that makes it more enjoyable and feels less like an educational text and more like something to read for fun. . This book provides readers with an overview of the sport and exciting facts about the top players. It’s perfect for any baseball fan or as an introduction for anyone looking to get started in the sport. It is short and easy to read and quickly grabs the reader’s attention.

When baseball was king, the New York Yankees were the kings of baseball is an exciting historical look at the game with insightful facts and entertaining stories.

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