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November 15, 2022

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November 20, 2022


A spin-off of Amazon’s #1 bestsellers A Not So Meet Cute and So Not Meant To Be, USA Today bestselling author Meghan Quinn brings you a poignant yet hilarious whole novel about what life is like after the happiness. forever.

Ryot Bisley is my husband.

Yes, the former third baseman for the Chicago Bobbies and absolute heartthrob from the Windy City. That Ryot Bisley.

The first time I met him, he was grumpy, a horrible host, and left me on his couch with nothing more than a nylon baseball flag to use as a blanket.

The second time, he reluctantly invited me to dinner, stared at my chest all night, and still sported that permanent scowl.

The third time . . . well that was a game changer. Her smile captured me, his jokes enchanted me and his caresses excited me.

So when he was called up to the majors, that didn’t stop us from carrying him out of the park and all the way down the hall.

Eleven years later… I’d love to say we’re happy as ever, but the man who sent me dirty texts every day is long gone and Mr. Frowny Face is back.

He’s so focused on trying to build a life after baseball that he doesn’t see the life we’ve already created together. . .so I make the difficult decision and serve her the divorce papers.

The problem is… my husband refuses to accept those papers. Instead, he has a new game plan that makes untying the knot of our marriage a bit tricky. And just when I thought he wanted to be traded. . . he’s tying me up slowly and enticingly again.

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