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Lee is a city boy who has to work at a wildlife magazine to save his journalism career. To demonstrate his capabilities, he agrees to step out of his comfort zone and go on an expedition to the Great Bear Rainforest. He is surprised when he meets his tour guide, Dani Skybird, a strong, perceptive but pessimistic woman. As he forms a budding love with nature, Isaak’s city habits cause problems for his survival. With Dani guiding him, he begins a journey of self-discovery, helping Isaak appreciate a new lifestyle that might not keep his nails clean, but is sure to keep his heart full of joy.

under the dawn Darling by Elissa Daye and Karen Fuller is a romantic adventure novel that uses nature as a backdrop to tell a heartfelt love story that is peppered with humorous and dramatic moments. The story is colored by themes of love and friendship, making this a feel-good drama that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.

This is an easy novel to read. It is a barley of more than 200 pages. I was able to finish this book quickly thanks to the clear writing that keeps the focus on the characters and moves the story forward, all while giving you The feelings.

The conflict between the city’s inhabitants and the survivors is wonderfully contrasted through the two leads. While there is certainly a preference for nature in this book, I liked how the gender roles were reversed in this story. Isaak’s character goes through the biggest change throughout the story and I enjoyed watching him evolve. The authors make sure that readers are with you every step of your journey of self-discovery. By sowing the seeds of a romantic relationship, the authors emphasize the importance of true companionship. Dani changes his vision of life while he changes his perception of love.

under the dawn Darling is an adventure-filled love story that will keep readers hooked until the very end. Fans of romance will enjoy the exotic background of this sentimental story, and any reader will feel the warmth of the companionship this book has to offer.

Pages: 225 | ASIN: B0BD2L21LS

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