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zoé matthews

historical romance

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06 November 2022

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06 November 2022


What if a touch of paint could transport you years back in time? What if a handsome man follows you to help you return to your own time?
Destiny has always had a passion for art and loves her job at an art gallery in Denver. She had once wanted to be an artist, but she discovered that she found more pleasure in helping other people find the creations of truly talented artists. Her life is simple but satisfying.
Graham is a member of an elite secret agency called the Time Travel Guardians. His job is to travel to different time periods and collect time travel devices to take back to his own time and store in a secure government facility. The next device he is assigned to collect is a Clara Moore painting that was found in an art gallery in Denver.
After literally meeting, Destiny and Graham begin a grand adventure together, all the way to 1879. Once they return to 2017, Destiny can’t explain the desperate need to stay with Graham when she returns to her own time. Graham is concerned about the new information Destiny will learn about her future. If she learns too much, she could change history.
Come travel back in time with Destiny and Graham in this new series of time travel mystery and intrigue coupled with a good old fashioned love story.

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