Caught by Reese is a fictional story about four friends who meet during their freshman year in college when they are assigned to complete a group project together. Naomi Spencer comes from a wealthy family, but she had a unique childhood experience that left her anxious in social situations. Arnya Nicholas was raised by a single mother, but she comes from a large family and likes computers. Stephanie Stone was raised by her religious grandmother after her mother abandoned her. Jasmine Taylor grew up in foster care and that experience has left her cynical, but she likes to draw. Despite their different personalities and upbringing, they discover that they have a lot in common. But can their friendship last through all the changes of life after the end of college?

I liked that this story was told from the point of view of the four friends, which provided additional insight into the motivations of the characters. Naomi, Arnya, Stephanie, and Jasmine had very different personalities and may never have become friends if they hadn’t been forced to work on a class project together. At the beginning of the story, Jasmine was my least favorite of the four friends. But as the book progressed and other softer characteristics about her were revealed, I was able to understand why the other girls befriended her.

I liked that this book showed several years in the lives of the characters, from the beginning of college to their lives after graduation. Most of the books I’ve read take place over the course of a few weeks or months and may have a brief epilogue that gives readers a brief glimpse of what happens a few years later. This book was an unexpected and interesting change from that. However, this caused an issue where large time periods were being skipped. I would have loved to have seen more time spent developing the four friends’ relationship.

Caught is a riveting adult women’s fiction novel that shares the story of four women who meet in college and how their lives intertwine as they grow up. There is some romance, some drama, and plenty of self-discovery as each of the leads find their own path in life.

Pages: 321 | ASIN: B0B16K6FDH

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