Thought is not my boss!

Our minds are very powerful things. It allows us to do many things, like dance, play sports, and learn new skills. They can, even without us knowing it, control our entire body to stay alive. Our minds can also get lost in thought, and thinking can sometimes cause mischief.

In, Thought is not my boss! by Sheila Booth-Alberstadt and Sarah Lamb, introduce us to Lincoln. A little boy who tends to get into trouble without realizing that he is being coerced by nothing less than ‘Thought’. The ‘thought’ commands Lincoln and makes him not do good things, and he ends up getting punished.

This relatable story is beaming with joy, from Elizabeth George’s adorable and vibrant illustrations to the comical and engaging writing. This picture book was a very clever way to show young children how thoughts and minds work and how to overcome the negative thoughts that come with them. I love how Lincoln is presented as innocent throughout the ordeal, but he makes a conscious decision to stop listening to ‘Thought’. Once Lincoln realizes that ‘Thinking’ only gets him into trouble, he begins to think and act on his own. What an extremely difficult thing it is to master one’s thoughts as a growing child.

Thought is not my boss! is an extraordinary children’s book about recognizing and managing big emotions. This well-written story helps children realize that big feelings are normal and that they can learn to deal with them. I would absolutely recommend it to any family or young reader, as the message is valuable to people of all ages. It would be a great addition to a school library or classroom.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: B09LFLLS9N

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