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This Week in Books is a feature hosted by Lipsy at Lipsyy Lost and Found that allows bloggers to share:

  • What have you recently finished reading?
  • what they are currently reading
  • What they plan to read next

A similar meme is by Taking on a World of Words.

I finished The Count of Monte Cristo (reviewed Monday), and I also read Leave the world behind by Rumann Alam over the weekend.

A magnetic novel about two families, strangers to each other, who are forced together on a long weekend that goes terribly wrong.

Amanda and Clay head to a remote corner of Long Island hoping for a vacation: a quiet respite from life in New York City, quality time with their teenage son and daughter, and a taste of the good life in the luxurious house. that they rented for the week. But with a knock on the door late at night, the spell is broken. Ruth and GH, an older couple who claim to own the house, have arrived there in a panic. These strangers say that a sudden blackout has swept through the city and, with nowhere else to go, they have come to the countryside for shelter.

But with TV and Internet down, and no phone service, the facts are unknown. Should Amanda and Clay trust this couple and vice versa? What happened in New York? Is the vacation home, isolated from civilization, a truly safe place for your families? And are they safe from each other?

I am currently reading Our wives under the sea by Julia Armfield.

Miri thinks she has her wife back, when Leah finally returns after a mission on the high seas that ended in catastrophe. However, it soon becomes clear that Leah may have been wrong. Whatever happened on that ship, whatever they were supposed to be studying before they were stranded at the bottom of the ocean, Leah has taken some of it with her, back to dry land and home.

Getting the woman he loves back should mean a return to normal life, but Miri can feel Leah slipping out of her hands. The memories of what they had before, the jokes they shared, the movies they saw, all the little things that made Leah hers, only remind Miri of what she stands to lose. Living in the same space but suddenly apart, Miri realizes the life they had might be gone.

Our wives under the sea is the first novel by the critically acclaimed author of salt slow. It is a story of falling in love, loss, pain and life in the depths of the sea.

My next read could be one I’ve wanted to read since I bought it in August: nice and read by Julie Walker.

Rebels. female pirates.

Caribbean, 1720. Two extraordinary women are on the run: from their past, from the British Navy and the threat of execution, and from the fate that fate has written for them.

Daughter of a plantation owner, runaway wife, pirate: Anne Bonny has forged her own story in a world of men. But when she becomes involved in the capture of a British merchant ship, she is shocked to find another woman among the crew, with a story as offbeat as her own. Dressed as a boy from infancy, Mary Read has been a soldier, a sailor, a widow, but never a woman in charge of her own destiny.

As their thrilling and tumultuous exploits rise to fame, Bonny and Read’s ballad is sung from shore to shore, but when you swim against the tide of history, freedom is a dangerous thing…

An exuberant reimagining of Bonny & Read’s remarkable story: pioneering, boundary-pushing heroines and bullies whose story deserves to be told. Perfect for fans of Ariana, the mercies, Y the familiars.

And that’s my week in the books! What are you reading this week? Let me know in the comments! 😎

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