there is a monster in my bed

Harvey is a teacher in hiding. There is no place in his room that he doesn’t like to hide. Only one thing stops Harvey, the Monster that enters his room every night. As the Monster falls asleep, Harvey decides that tonight will be different. Tonight, he will be brave and let the monster see him. Is the Monster as terrifying as Harvey imagines, or is it no big deal? There’s only one way to find out.

There’s a monster in my bed written by Margit E. Macchia and illustrated by Olga Scherbakova is a new version of an old story. Macchia has produced a beautiful monster story that turns the tables on traditional versions. I love the fact that the story forced me to go back, reread and think more deeply about the events. This is a fantastic way to inspire innovative thinking in young readers, a much-needed skill in elementary classrooms, and a great technique for parents to practice at home.

This picture book does a wonderful job of teaching children how to face their fears, especially when someone else looks different than them. This is a great way to show children that you can make friends with people who look different and have different backgrounds or cultures. It is a moving story of acceptance and friendship.

There’s a monster in my bed written by Margit E. Macchia and illustrated by Olga Scherbakova, it is a well-crafted book of children’s stories that will entertain and educate children. I can see Macchia’s fun twist on the monster under the bed becoming a favorite in classrooms. Scherbakova’s vibrant illustrations bring the story to life. I recommend Macchia’s book to parents and teachers alike.

Pages: 34 | ASIN: B0BD54WYH4

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