there is a couple sitting two seats forward

sitting on a train with his head bowed in silent mourning for the couple sitting two seats in front.

or really for me.

I cry for myself, for myself and for my love and its cramps.

I’m in love, I’m in love and once again I’m in love.

not with anyone, but with everyone, or with anyone who overcomes it.

So every time I remember that all I want to be is noticed,

someone can notice it, even if I have to tell them.

so when my sister tells me about a beautiful boy or a beautiful girl

I don’t feel hot tears behind my eyes.

I do not tell myself that there is an ugliness where there once was a child.

So when I see a person I barely know but love with every fiber of myself,

when I see them with someone else,

there’s no clutch around my heart.

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