The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels of India Holton

genre: historical fantasy

Cecilia Bassingwaite has been raised to be a true Victorian lady: she drinks her tea carefully, is always aware of the importance of social conventions, and of course, as a lady-pirate, she never leaves home without multiple weapons hidden around her. her persona When a handsome, roguish-looking man arrives intent on murdering her, she Cecilia handles him with expert skill, just as Aunt Darlington taught her. Cecilia’s greatest desire is to make her aunt proud, that and take revenge on a shady character from her past. In this hilarious novel of cantankerous pirates, dashing fencing instructors, and a terrific crew of pirate ladies, Cecilia’s heart won’t be all she cares about!

Adjectives to describe this book: wacky, wacky, laugh out loud. It will NOT be for everyone – some details are literally confusing until you figure them out and not everyone will find the flying houses and sword-wielding old aunt antics as amusing as I do, but OH, the silliness of this book captured me and I would. don’t let go. It’s WITTY, so full of irony, so many funny parts that took me by surprise with its ridiculousness that totally entertained me. For those who love to see the patriarchy turned upside down, for those who appreciate the Victorian period and all its swagger, for anyone who wants their heroine to be a corset lady, jewel thief and captain of a house of pirates, this is the book for you.

CW: a couple of swear words, a hot scene and some innuendo

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