The very secret society of irregular witches of Sangu Mandanna

genre: fantasy/contemporary romance

Mika is a witch. She loves this about herself, she is proud of what she can do, and yet according to the “Rules”, she must keep to herself. This not only keeps her safe, but it keeps all witches safe in a world where being able to do magic isn’t a sure thing. And that is why Mika doubts her when she is asked if she would like to take on the magical teaching of THREE witch children. Because witch children should never be together, right? Is not safe. But Mika’s curiosity gets the best of her and what she finds at Nowhere House is going to change everything she’s ever understood or experienced about relationships, and about family.

This is a cozy delight of a book. Mike is cute and smart and has a pretty deep trauma. The characters that inhabit Nowhere House are perhaps a bit cartoonish but everything fits and everything works and I liked them all. I liked seeing everyone through Mika’s eyes and experiencing her world from her point of view. Things happened that I did not expect. Little twists kept it moving and I believed even the biggest reveals. Romance is slow, but it was also enough. It was exactly what I was looking for so I found this one.

content warning: lots of “f-words” and a steamy scene you can see coming and could easily skip

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