The Unfortunate Souls Collection (Books 1–3)

Stacy Rourke

Adolescent and young adult

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November 11, 2022

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November 11, 2022


Fairy tales with a twist!
What turned an exalted mermaid princess into a fabulously villainous sea witch? How did a tortured soul find itself trapped inside a magic mirror? Who is the Cat with the crazy smile who can’t remember where he’s been? Find these answers and more as you fall down the rabbit hole in Stacey Rourke’s award-winning Unfortunate Soul Chronicles.
Fall under the spell of this charming series featuring three complete novels:
Rise of the sea witch
entombed in glass
chasing madness
Praise for The Unfortunate Soul Chronicles:
Winner of the Utopia Award Author of the Year 2018
Winner of the Utopia Award for Best Villain 2018 for Rise of the Sea Witch
“A clever and compelling origin story of classic fairy tale villains.” -Movies, shows and books.
“The writing was flawless, everything blended so well. I haven’t had such a strong reaction to a book in a long time. I honestly couldn’t recommend this book highly enough. Read it. I’m lovin ‘it. Feel it.” -Red Hatter Book Blog
“Romance, heartbreak, deception and betrayal, this story has it all.” -Paranormal Tendencies

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