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fredrick niles


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09 November 2022

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09 November 2022


A sleepy town. A missing person. A strange figure lurking in the woods.
The small town of Poplar is a quiet, comfortable and respectable place to raise children. The neighbors are decent and the stations are beautiful. All is going well until the night young Ian Whelan sees something moving in his backyard. Then everything begins to change.
Lies are exposed, bodies are discovered, and a well-hidden killer is finally brought to light. Slowly, the stark reality of what has been happening in the bleak forests and dank cellars of Poplar is being realized, and this revelation will leave a pile of bodies in its destructive path.
From the author of Ash Above, Snow Below comes a poignant meditation on how we deal with the monsters of our childhood. Both dark and adventurous, The Omen Tree features a variety of adventurous outcasts and devious rogues that will capture your heart one moment and darken it the next.

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