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A dark fantasy epic inspired by bestselling author CJ Redwine’s The Prince and the Pauper and the fairy tale The False Prince. Perfect for fans of the Court of Thorns and Roses series and the Wrath and the Dawn duology, The Traitor Prince is an exciting new standalone novel in the Ravenspire series.
Javan Najafai, Crown Prince of Akram, has spent the last ten years in an elite boarding school, far from his kingdom. But his long-awaited return home is cut short when a mysterious impostor takes his place, and no one believes that Javan is the real prince.
After a narrow escape from the impostor’s assassins, Javan is thrown into Maqbara, the most dangerous prison in the kingdom. The only way to gain an audience with the king and reveal Javan’s identity is to fight in the annual Maqbara tournament. But winning is far more difficult than the outstanding competitions at school, and soon Javan finds himself beset not only by the terrifying creatures in the arena, but also by a gang of prisoners allied against him, and even by the warden herself.
The only person who can help him is Sajda, who has been enslaved by Maqbara’s guardian since she was a child, and whose cautious demeanor and powerful right hook keep the prisoners in check. Working with Sajda may be the only way Javan can escape with her life, but she holds dangerous secrets.
Together, Javan and Sajda have to outwit the vicious guardian, fight deadly creatures, and survive the imprisoned assassins trying to kill Javan. If they fail, they will be trapped in Maqbara forever, and the secret that Sajda has been hiding will bury them both.

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