The Third Way of My God

The Third Way of My God is the third entry in Michael R. Schultheiss’s Rosteval Saga. It’s an impressive piece of epic fantasy that serves to complete the story told in the first two entries of the saga while still telling its own story. The book is aimed at mature readers looking to wrestle with traditional ideas of right and wrong.

The book follows the main characters, Rosteval and Ghaitt, as they lead their people in search of a new homeland. But unfortunately, the possibility of an attack by the enemy army near their home hangs over them. The threat of imminent destruction makes survival nearly impossible.

Rosteval and his people are caught between a rock and a hard place. They must try to survive as a heavenly war between good and evil threatens to destroy the entire world. Unable to turn anywhere for help, Rosteval and his followers must find a “third way” to survive.

Although it is possible to collect The Third Way of My God and enjoy the novel as a stand-alone story, reading the first two books in the series gives a full picture of the immense challenges facing Rosteval. Schultheiss has spent a lot of time creating a complex and epic world, and newcomers will miss out on specific aspects of it. Likewise, specific plot points don’t resonate as deeply without the necessary foreknowledge.

While the book has a lot of heavy lifting to do to complete the story established in the first two books, it stands on its own. The stakes are high, and despite the length of the book, Schultheiss manages to keep the pace brisk, only pausing when necessary.

Between the plot twists and turns, it’s clear the author has something deeper to say. The book explores how traditional narratives of good versus evil are shaped towards what ends. General, The Third Way of My God is an excellent read whether you’re a fan of epic fantasy or interested in challenging traditional notions of light versus dark. Schultheiss has created a deeply complex world that is a joy to lose yourself in for hours.

Pages: 713 | ASIN: B0BFG9G3L5

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