The Tea Drinker’s Adventure Guide

The Tea Drinker’s Adventure Guide by Andree Jannette follows the story of three older women; Cathy, Linda and Bets. The women met at a book club in their hometown and, although they come from different backgrounds, they quickly got to know each other. Her promise to a dear friend to spread her ashes at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico leads them on a journey of adventure, friendship and romance. After a late-night incident that leads to an encounter with an injured dog, the trio find themselves in a mobile home community. After spending a few weeks in this community, the life of each woman changes unexpectedly.

The Tea Drinker’s Adventure Guide focuses on three older women. Andree Jannette did an excellent job shedding light on the conditions that accompany the aging process in humans, including disease, pain, and uncertainty. The novel presents the ups and downs of old age, a reality little explored in her literary works. It is made up of colorful elderly characters who retain the passion, adventurous spirit and romance of youth. The author refuses to present these characters as fragile or dependent. Reading this helps to accept aging and the end of life. The book is also incredibly moving, with the inclusion of pet characters.

Jannette has written a heartwarming story of healing. However, at times I felt that the narration was disjointed; supporting characters tended to overshadow the main trio of the plot. Despite those things, this is a story of strength, of finding the spark and passion within oneself to face challenges and overcome obstacles. Life is full of the unexpected, and this novel teaches readers that even those moments, however bad they may seem at first, can lead to beautiful discoveries.

The Tea Drinker’s Adventure Guide is a beautifully written women’s adventure novel. The bonds of friendship between the characters and the sparks of romance they feel will keep readers engaged and follow the trio through this unexpected journey where they end up together.

Pages: 308 | ASIN: B0BD22NSLF

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