The silence in the sound

The silence in the sound takes readers to the cozy and isolated land of Martha’s Vineyard, where Georgette struggles with childhood trauma and works to find her place in the world. Growing up, she had a complicated relationship with her alcoholic father, whom she could never fully trust. Moving to charming Martha’s Vineyard as a young adult, George begins his nursing career and becomes the primary caregiver for an aging famous author, with whom he develops a feisty but endearing friendship. His strength and independence shine through at work, but his tough exterior is challenged when he meets the handsome and mysterious Dock. George must decide if love is strong enough to overcome his deep-seated trust issues.

Dianne C. Braley’s novel tells a painful story in a charming way, so that the reader can’t help but root for Georgette. The writing style is conversational and pragmatic, so it feels like a close friend is telling you stories straight from her life. At first, I found the writing a bit cumbersome, but I got more used to it as I continued reading. There were times throughout the story where I felt frustrated with Georgette because she seemed to be letting life happen to her instead of taking action and making changes herself. However, I think that attribute was a result of her troubled past, so she finally added realism to her character.

The foreshadowing at the beginning, where Georgette returns to the island “to say goodbye,” added a mysterious and dark undertone to the story. At times the plot seemed to drag on a bit, but the second half of the book increased in drama and intensity. The characters and theme were well described, but the storytelling could have been more convincing.

The silence in the sound is a candid coming-of-age novel that explores how growing up with addiction and abuse in life impacts decisions made later in life. It is an emotional read that will leave the reader remembering Georgette after they have finished the book.

Pages: 389 | ASIN: B0B7BGMRFZ

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