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November 18, 2022

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November 18, 2022


Rose Tierney and her husband Bill are successful writers, tearing apart movies and enlightening the masses.
They are invited to New York to discuss business and are invited to a party where one of the guests, a quiet Diana, is interested in the occult. Bill has a tarot card reading and discards it, but when it’s Rose’s turn, something awakens in her.
That night, she has a strange out-of-body experience and is attacked by an unknown force.
Diana, through a premonition, found Rose and helped her return to her apartment to recover. The assault seems to awaken her latent psychic powers, and Diana enthusiastically encourages Rose to pursue them, to learn to master them.
Rose quickly begins to experience premonitions and discovers that her self can leave her body, later discovering all the intricacies of astral projection.

At first frightened by her new powers, she soon begins to explore both her own abilities and the world to which they belong.
He soon discovers that his sinister greenhouse feeling, Hitler and the Nazis, and his sleepy hometown all seem to have something in common. As her powers increase, her relationships with those around her become increasingly turbulent.
Rose Tierney is no longer alone in her own body, and her new powers do not belong to her, but to that Other.
The bad seed that was planted in Rose twenty years ago is about to blossom.
Praise for Ramsey Campbell
“Ramsey Campbell has written a novel that uses Lovecraftian themes of survival, the occult, and things that can live on the edge of the universe (or beyond) in a way that seems to fit our time.” – Stephen King
Ramsey Campbell was born in 1946 in Liverpool, Merseyside, where his mother supported him in his writing and creative pursuits. Growing up in post-war Liverpool provided the perfect backdrop for his taste for more macabre literature. He has lived there his entire life and, over the years, has built a truly prolific portfolio that has deservedly cemented him as a leading figure within the genre.

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