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Tricia DellAnno Author Interview

no dog in my garden follows a boy who wants a dog more than anything and does what he has to do to prove to his parents that he’s ready for a pet. What was the inspiration for your story?

the inspiration for no dog in my garden It was my son, Jonathan. He begged and begged for a dog for ten years. He reminded us every day of the dogs in every yard except his. Although my husband and I love animals, we both work, our son is in school, we enjoy traveling, etc., there never seemed to be an ideal time to own a pet and give it the time and attention it deserves. We were hoping that Jonathan would get his “dog fix” by playing with all the dogs in the neighborhood. He only made his desire to have one of his own even greater. We also repeatedly said no to a dog because Jonathan needed to take his responsibilities at home and school more seriously and show that he was ready to care for a pet. When the pandemic hit I started working from home, Jonathan was learning from home and doing well with his homework. All the excuses he had for not having a dog went out the window. So, Millie is the newest addition to our family. The transition from No dog to a dog led me to write a second book – a dog in my garden.

The art in this book is fantastic. How was the process of artistic collaboration with the illustrator Jim Pearson?

I couldn’t agree more that the art is fantastic! Jim is an absolute professional with an impressive track record. He worked at Pixar Studios on the movies. toy story 2, Finding NemoY the ant stalker and went on to work at Cartoon Network. Though no dog in my yard is Jim’s first children’s book, his experiences and talent really brought the story to life. I gave Jim the story, photos of the ten dogs, Jonathan, and a handful of adults, and he began the sketch. His creativity, level of detail, and humor are evident on every page of the book. Throughout the project, we found a very good balance. Jim did what he does best, but he always asked for my opinion and was open to suggestions. I knew that it was important to him that I be completely happy with each illustration. With no dog in my yard my first book too, we learned a lot from each other and finally formed a great partnership and friendship.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

What is most important to me to share no dog in my garden they are important life lessons told in a comical way that any child, parent, or educator can relate to and enjoy. I want readers to substitute anything kids ask for a dog, like video games, phones, toys, etc. Lessons for children include working hard for what they want, persevering, being responsible, making good decisions, and saving what money they have. cattle I want to share adorable characters and fun illustrations, so that children laugh, learn and want to read more.

What is the next book you are working on and when will it be available?

my next book is a dog in my garden and will be available on November 6, 2022. The adventures of Jonathan, Millie and more neighborhood dogs continue. Who knew that having a puppy would turn our house upside down? So the many discussions to relocate Millie and Jonathan’s plea to save her were real. I applied the same principles of laughter and learning and hope all readers enjoy the next book in the series. And I’m pleased to say that Jim is back for book #2 with even more impressive illustrations!

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Join Jonathan on a heartwarming and hilarious journey as he learns the importance of making choices and working hard for what you want.

This hilariously illustrated and comedic story follows Jonathan and his nine furry friends in the neighborhood as they plot and plot to get Jonathan a dog of his own. But it is more than a story about a boy who wants a dog. Told from Jonathan’s perspective, kids, parents, and teachers will laugh out loud as Jonathan’s plans turn from relentless begging to take initiative, set goals, persevere through challenges, and demonstrate responsibility.

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