The Nest of Books: Clade by James Bradley

Genre: Climate Fiction

Adam knows the climate crisis is coming; as a scientist, he knows the signs. His wife, Ellie, is an artist, and while he cares about her in theory, she’s more interested in reflecting on her latest biology-focused installment of art than the things she can’t change. However, it is not long before no one can look away from what is happening to the planet and in this novel that is more than several loose short stories, everyone will be affected by the consequences.

As far as climate speculative fiction goes, this feels very believable. We only get glimpses of what happens in each time period as we switch between stories/storytellers/generations, but always in a chronological sequence. The vagueness is occasionally interrupted by an actual crisis that the characters have to deal with, but the character development is also so vague and vague that it’s even hard to keep track of things. Oh I wanted to mention that there is a character on the spectrum that I thought was handled in a very intentional and sensitive way, I liked being in the head of him but honestly I can barely remember anyone else’s name and I just finished. it’s.

There’s something that happens halfway through the book that made me struggle to see when it was written, and I was shocked. The author has made some really strong assumptions about not only what could happen to our planet, but also how we humans would deal with it. I guess for me the redemption of this book is that somehow we humans DO handle it: we are still here, trying to survive, on this one rock that can hold us.

Interesting, but without the depth and character development that would make it stick in my memory.

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