The morning breeze – poetnilavronill

She took a long breath
As if to satisfy
Morning breezes, waiting
Passionately for her, since long

Not that, the night was
Suffocating like the stories
Of the lovers, always
Flattering the beautiful ladies

She also had her experiences
With the men, with roses
In hands and deliberate smiles
Manufactured passionately

Not that, she didn’t like the roses
The smiling faces of the lovers
Yet, she waited all her golden years
For a heart flying like the seagulls

She took the long breath
Deep inside her fervent belief
Without any worry of tomorrow
Without any regret for living alone

Not that, it was the end of the
Beginning, the morning breezes
Gave her every comfort, one can
Dream to regain in heaven…

9th November 2022

NilavroNill Shoovro

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