The Moonlight Mill Murders in Steubenville, Ohio

susan m boy

mainstream nonfiction

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04 November 2022

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04 November 2022


“Guy is not only a historian, but a long-time Ohio police officer, who brings first-hand knowledge of the criminal justice system” to the story of Phantom Killer (Crime Capsule).

Prohibition ended on December 5, 1933, and Steubenville hoped its reputation as “Little Chicago” would end with it. That hope was short-lived when, eight weeks later, the Phantom Killer made her debut at midnight. Under the glare of a full moon, in the mill yards of Steubenville’s Wheeling Steel Plant, the killer ambushed a railroad worker and shot him five times. The Steubenville Police Department, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department and the Wheeling Steel Mill Police joined forces in the New Year to find the Ghost before he took another victim. The strongest workers on the midnight shift began to arm themselves, wondering who would be next. As the investigation progressed, Steubenville was thrust back into the national spotlight as the Phantom’s reign of terror continued. Local historian Susan M. Guy delves into one of the city’s most infamous crimes.

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