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I’m not quite sure what to say about October. I don’t seem to have done anything worth reporting this month, although I have enjoyed autumn walks in the Peak District on weekends when the weather isn’t too bad. Somehow, October feels like the middle of a trilogy to me: summer really is over, and this month feels like a pause until the excitement of November kicks in (my birthday, Hay’s winter weekend) and the Christmas season.

October was at least a good month to read and I managed to read 9 books this month. However, blogging still feels like a chore and I have managed to review very few of them. Even writing this post has been delayed because I just don’t have the motivation to do it right now. I hope my blogging mojo returns… I’m not ready to give up completely just yet, though I can take a break and see if that helps.

Books read and reviewed

  • Read in September, revised in October:
  • Read in October:

Favorite books this month


I haven’t received any books to review this month, but I bought seven:

TBR Clock

It’s not looking too bad this month, and now I’ve read all the titles on my title list! 💪

  • Books out = 9 read + 2 DNFs* = 11
  • Books in = 0 ARCs + 7 purchases = 7
  • Gives a 4 decrease in my TBR!

*I may return to some of the DNFs at a later date, but for now they have been removed from my TBR.

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