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The Black Swan Killer by Daniel McKay is a thought-provoking mystery novel that follows John Consequent, a philosophical detective, on a mission to save someone. This sounds pretty standard, as far as crime novels go, but the path that winds through this novel is anything but standard. And the beauty of the story is the way the author turns the genre on its head and the familiar detective archetype of it. When John finally teams up with Detective Maria Salazar, they initially clash, but eventually combine their experience. When tasked with finding a serial killer who wants to be caught and proven to him (a bit like the Joker from Batman), John must be willing to break the rules to solve the case. He is determined to solve the case even when the danger increases, threatening his life and the lives of those close to him.

The author has a creative way of building unique characters and I loved it. John Consequent was a very compelling character and reminded me of Tim Roth’s character on the TV show. Lie to Me. Despite The Black Swan Killer it’s much more cerebral and a bit mind boggling if you think about it too much as i uncovered several layers of this fascinating story and wasn’t sure if it was part of the story or just in my head. Or maybe that’s what John Consequent does? In any case, it is a stimulating novel with a unique character that drives it.

If you’re reading another mystery novel, stop. Pick up this one. Is better.

With some philosophical musings, an intriguing mystery, and an original protagonist, this is a story mystery readers will long find refreshing. This was a surprisingly funny story that uses crisp writing to tell an entertaining story from start to finish.

Pages: 193 | ASIN: B0BG6188RS

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