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Martha Randall


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November 16, 2022

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November 16, 2022


“Marta Randall is a sensational writer, subtle, precise and beautiful.” – Karen Joy Fowler, author of The Jane Austen Book Club
Read Marta Randall’s sensational Riders Guild series, available for the first time in an omnibus edition
In Mapping Winter, Lord Cadoc Marubin lies dying in the frozen land of Cherek, and chaos threatens the land. During his four decades in power, he held the province of Dalmorat with an iron fist, for which his heirs now fight. Cherek stands on the brink of advances in New World culture and technology, but Cadoc’s choice could deny his people that bright destiny and seal Dalmorat in darkness.
Sworn to the service of Cadoc, Kieve Rider loathes both the man she serves and the oath that binds her to his ills. However, by that same oath of hers, it is up to her to act as the axis in the appointment of a new heir by Cadoc. Shrouded in the complexities of character, corruption, and political intrigue, Ella Kieve struggles to trust someone, least of all herself.
At The River South, the adventure continues. Iset Kieveshija has no idea why someone wants to kidnap her, but someone does, and her attempts are becoming deadlier…
The Riders Guild Omnibus is a tale of dynastic fantasy suspense, with steampunk promise at its labyrinthine heart.
Praise for Marta Randall:
‘A rich display of strong characters, of intrigue, murder, scandal, hate and love’ – Roger Zelazny

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