The Flight of the Mayflower – Book Advance

2080: The world is dying. Travel back in time to a time when nothing is certain. Where terrorist groups have joined forces with biohackers to develop a bioengineered deadly disease that sweeps across continents like a conquering army, leaving millions dead in its murderous swath. Where drought and famine ravage an already overcrowded world and huge waves of refugees cross the planet seeking refuge.

Meanwhile, some of the best and brightest minds on the planet are at work feverishly, building mega-giant Space Arks to transport hundreds of thousands of people to a colony on Mars. And there seems to be more good news: world leaders announce that a vaccine is ready, so roll up your sleeves and get on with your lives. Everything is alright; everything is returning to normal.

But the truth is very different. In The Flight of the Mayflower, the first novel in The Deneb Chronicles, Dr. Daniel Radu, project manager for NASA’s Space Ark Mayflower, uncovers a global conspiracy of immense proportions. World leaders and the elite are preparing for a one-way ticket to Mars, leaving the masses clinging to empty promises. Defiant and reluctant to become another victim, Daniel concocts a plan of his own. Joined by a team of global experts, Daniel and his colleagues prepare for the journey of his life as they scour the galaxy in search of survival.

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