The eighteen years that changed nothing

enrico tesla The eighteen years that changed nothing is a memoir depicting the life of an average man as he lives from his prime to middle age. The author takes an alternative approach to contemplate the human condition and existence.

Tesla excels at portraying himself as an average man within his words, “above average perspectives.” The arc of the text shows him as a young man just beginning his career and ending with a man he has loved, lost, and been somewhat worn down by life. This interpretation makes his character accessible and close; he is neither above nor below the reader and is therefore human. Still, he maintains a curious ego that leads him to reflect on his existence in the context of some life-changing events.

The peculiar way in which he considers both his existence and the human condition also attracts the reader’s empathy. He reflects on his existence in a neurotic, theory-based way that encourages the reader to reflect on the intersections of humanity, a possibly subjective matter, and science, a discipline founded on hard facts.

His careful combination of certain scientific facts, such as natural selection and Einstein’s iconic mass-energy formula, along with his analysis of human perseverance at the end of the novel, is his thesis on life. It is through these efforts to demonstrate his mastery of understanding life at its core that he reaches a poignant yet sobering conclusion. He frames even the most intimate experiences, like love, clinically and even expresses to the reader areas in which he feels inadequate. However, he holds the firm conviction that, due to his fundamental understanding of life and the due process of nature, life is still worth living.

Pages: 114 | ASIN: B0BBCS8FCT

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