The Dragons of Erth: The Wearle

Chris d’Lacey

Children and Middle Grade

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November 16, 2022

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November 16, 2022


“An exciting read for dragon lovers and fans of d’Lacey’s The Last Dragon Chronicles and Tui T. Sutherland’s Wings of Fire series.” —School Library Journal
A dragon Wearle set off on an expedition from his home planet and was never heard from again. Now a new Wearle, determined to find the first, has come to the place his creatures call Erth. Gabrial, who still has the blue scales of a young dragon, is eager to prove himself and find his missing father. But when Gabrial causes an accident that results in the disappearance of a baby dragon, he will have to prove himself worthy of keeping Wearle.
On the other side of the line of fire, most Hom, or humans, live in fear of dragons. But a boy named Ren is too fascinated to stay away and soon discovers that his fate is intertwined with that of dragons. When the conflict between dragons and humanity breaks out, Ren does the unimaginable: crosses into dragon territory. Will he be able to win the trust of the dragons and prevent an all out war?
New York Times bestseller Chris d’Lacey takes readers on an extraordinary adventure filled with majestic creatures and a boy with the heart of a dragon.
“An inspiring story of friendship, loyalty and wisdom.” -The Guardian
“The creative twist at the intersection of the story of dragons and prehistoric humans is engaging and the action captivating.” —Kirkus reviews
“A thrilling adventure with extensive aerial action scenes and a tense mystery at its center.” —Weekly editors

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