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Amanda Conway is a bestselling author who gets a good night’s sleep in her Brooklyn apartment when her phone rings. On the other end of the call is her cousin, Detective Pablo Conway, who requests help in solving two homicides that are strongly linked to Amanda’s worst childhood memories. That time of her childhood that she had completely left behind. That moment was horrible not only for her, but also for several of her friends and other children of hers. Winslow-Kent’s most despicable headmaster and professor have been murdered, and Amanda has to face her past to help her cousin and her hometown, the sleepy town of Carlisle, and bring the killer to justice. Justice.

the well deserved ending by Carolynn Summer Quinn is a classic mystery filled with irresponsible adults, criminals who thrive among children, and innocent children who suffer emotional and physical abuse. Winslow-Kent, a private school that hides under the banner of prestige, is home to some of the most nefarious characters who enjoy abusing children and money-conscious misers who care less about children and more about the fees they bring. .

Quinn has successfully built a playground of felonies and characters who have sold their humanity for a small amount of money. With a riveting plot of multiple suspects, Quinn creates enough doubt in the reader’s mind to consume the entire mystery in one fell swoop. The fear and hatred of the protagonist towards the adults who failed her are strongly transmitted.

the well deserved ending is a fascinating police procedural novel with an amateur detective as the protagonist. Readers who enjoy reading about bad guys getting what they deserve will be drawn into this riveting mystery as they try to figure out who the killer is along with the characters.

Pages: 351 | ASIN: B0B7ZHYSQ2

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