Racism has long been a sore subject in America. When talking about racism, most people focus on white racists who show bigotry towards minorities like black and brown people. Dr. Len Bergantino is here to enlighten readers about reverse racism, which is very much alive in the US Dr. Len Bergantino tells it like it is. He doesn’t beat around the bush, and he doesn’t sugarcoat situations either. He speaks of cases in which blacks in power have been unfair to whites, whom they perceive below them. This book can be overwhelming for some, but the author makes sure that the point of it is clear and effective.

The denial of reverse racism in America it’s the kind of book you need if you like to follow current events and observe the political space. Dr. Len Bergantino writes from experience and observations. I thank the author for calling out what is wrong and promoting unity even as he speaks of the cracks that racism has caused in society. The author writes about the advantages of working together compared to forming separate groups of people. The writing is clear and the author writes about everything related to racism. I like that it also touches on unconventional topics or topics considered taboo in modern society.

The many examples the author gives show that racism is deeply ingrained in many parts of the United States. Dr. Len Bergantino provides multiple examples to support his views and shares stories where racism nearly cost him his life. While some pages of this book may be difficult to read, the lessons shared by the author are remarkable. The victim mentality, manipulation and pettiness are other themes that the author addresses. The book’s biggest lesson is a line from one of the author’s texts: “There are only black and white individuals, don’t treat individuals as races.” This line is crucial as he reminds us not to judge others based on their race, but on their character as individuals. Dr. Len Bergantino, despite having been through the worst, advocates harmony and decency.

When a child is born, they do not know the color. The denial of reverse racism in America It will make you wish everyone treated everyone like children do. Less judgment and more drive. This book is an interesting read, despite having some extreme shots. I recommend The denial of reverse racism in America readers who have previously denounced the existence of reverse racism, as the many examples shared by the author will convince them of its existence.

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