The Clan Wars: Books 1 and 2

Peter Morwood


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04 November 2022

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04 November 2022


For the first time, The Clan Wars Omnibus brings together two beloved fantasy novels by author Peter Morwood.
The Clan Wars Bus includes:
mrs gray
When you go to war, hire stronger allies than your enemy. Not stronger than you.
Otherwise, getting rid of them can be a problem.
That is how the Lords of the Horses came to Alba, and that is how they came to rule it. Thus it was that Bayrd ar’Talvlyn rose from mere captain to lord of his own clan. And so it was that the Magical Craft became part of the life or death of the Horse Lords, sowing the seeds of conflict for years to come.
But now, Bayrd discovers that he has another ability that can fend off his enemies: sorcery…
Soon, his curse will become his greatest asset.
widow maker
Time may have passed, but Bayrd knows resentment builds deep in his heart.
As Bayrd serves the people over whom he is the lord of the clan, moves are being made that will change life as he knows it. Within the clan, the cracks are beginning to show…
The old ways of the Albanians are no longer suitable for life in the stronghold of Dunrath. And there are many willing to stake their claim.
Soon, Bayrd must learn the true test of destiny, as he navigates a treacherous board of lies, magic, and maneuvers to try and save his family, friends, and people from destruction.
The Clan Wars Omnibus collects Peter Morwood’s impeccable fantasy tradition of thrilling pacing and wondrous world-building into a story that will immerse readers in the world of the Albans.
Praise for Peter Morwood:
“The descriptive writing is gripping, the strongly drawn characters […] An intensive reading.” Annual Review of Science Fiction and Fantasy Books
Peter Morwood is primarily a fantasy novelist and screenwriter, although he has also written science fiction. His best-known works include the Horse Lords series (in two sequences) and the Tales of Old Russia series.

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