The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Kids to Be Patient

Something exciting happens in the town where Bentley the Hippo lives. His monkey friend Jaxon knocked on his door and was so excited he could barely speak. Together they run down the path, following the arrows to where the rest of their friends are waiting in line. The line is really long and they can’t see the end. All they can hear over the speakers is an announcement that says, “Ride the big blue rocket!”

Jaxon is too excited to wait and tries to sneak in. After being sent back, he bounces all over the place, ruining the rest of his friends’ ice cream that they were trying to eat. Realizing that Jaxon needs help to calm down and wait patiently, all of his friends look for shapes in the clouds. Soon they’re at the front of the line and about to see what the excitement is all about!

The Adventures of Bentley Hippo: Inspiring Kids to Be Patient by children’s author, Argyro Graphy, is a well-written picture book that teaches children important lessons. Being kind and patient is something kids are told to do all the time, but these can be complex concepts for young children to understand. Bently and her friends model good manners and show kindness to Jaxon even when he can’t keep his cool and patience. They don’t yell at him or get angry; instead, they accept that he is him and find ways to distract him so that the wait is bearable for him.

Illustrator Michael Reyes has created memorable and entertaining artwork for this picture book. Jaxon’s energy is visible and the emotion he displays is contagious. Also, Bentley’s concern as he tries to help her friend settle down can be felt throughout the pages. The bright colors and welcoming characters will make children want to relax and listen to the story’s important message.

The characters in this children’s story are easy to relate to and fun to read. This picture book would make a great addition to preschool and kindergarten libraries as teachers and caregivers work to instill good manners in children in an age-appropriate way.

Pages: 33 | ASIN: B08WHC3NV7

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