Thanks for Listening by Julia Whelan (audiobook)

genre: female fiction/chick lit

Sewanee Chester’s life as an audiobook narrator isn’t quite what she had planned, but she’s not unhappy about it. She has had some amazing opportunities and since being an actress is no longer an option, she is trying to find joy in what she has. When she ends up in Las Vegas at a conference and shares an evening with a conniving stranger, life suddenly has a little more possibilities. But can Sewanee really believe that she’s capable of a happy ending?

First of all, the narration is amazing because it’s Julia Whelan (narrating her OWN book over an AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR, how meta is that?). But this is a fun behind-the-curtain peek into the life of an audiobook narrator while at the same time a tough look at overcoming tragedy and missed opportunities. The romance is well done, except I guessed how it would all be so soon. With that being said though, the banter between our two leads is great (if also a bit risqué for some listeners I suppose) and while there is some “love at first sight” there is also a lot of processing and confusion. that has to be handled and I thought it was done with a gentle touch. The honest truth is that this really entertained me, from start to finish. My only big complaint is that Grandma’s name drove me nuts, but not enough to spoil this gem of a story.

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