tangles | write out loud

As I look at my new (charity) piece of Murano Glass

I realize I’ve never really ASKED

The universe:

‘Why don’t you leave ANYONE unscathed?!’

What is the purpose?


Of this shit –

Do we attract?

‘Why does NO ONE escape from entanglements?-

No matter how much we argue-

Our way around the problems

Subsume these conditions

and variables?

Life is not like in fairy tales-

What do we tell our children?

WE are that fateful and terrible BRIDGE

Of his lack of conscience

In all its fine and beautiful rarity-

To your unfortunate conscience

With NOTHING of that weirdness-

This is how the tangles will come!!

No matter what you’ve done-

Or not done.

Some of us anticipate-

But some of us HATE.

They trample us-

And deliberately write us down.

And no one ever really knows (and MAY NEVER KNOW)-

How many of these blows

The person in front of you on the train.

Or standing in the rain,

It has gone off the rails (or has not gone off the rails),

Or not — either way.

NONE of that knowledge can be yours,

CLOSED tightly closed… are those doors-

For you.

And for you too.

You *think* you can know… the punch count

Have you taken?

In that you are also completely WRONG.

My beautiful crystal knot-

From grave to cradle-

And on return,

To infinity.

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