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Adrienne Lecter


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02 November 2022

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02 November 2022


Almost dead. Virtually everyone around me has died.
Now, the dead no longer stay dead.
Somehow I ended up locked in the very epicenter of the zombie apocalypse.
f*call me
Like most college students, Callie Norton’s only concern for weeks was passing her final exams this semester. After a night of celebrating, she and her friends wake up sick with more than just the hangover of the century. All too soon, Callie realizes it’s not just a common cold she’s suffering from, and when she wakes up from a coma in a quarantine tent as the sole survivor, lack of food and water aren’t the only problems for her. she.
Things aren’t looking good for him to survive the next hour, let alone escape from a city where most of the inhabitants have become crazed cannibals…and this is just the beginning.

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