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November 16, 2022

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November 16, 2022


Pull up a chair with Bobby Flay and his all-time favorite person to cook, his daughter, Sophie, as they share favorite recipes from the family kitchen.
Few things make Bobby Flay happier than cooking for his daughter, Sophie. A news reporter in Los Angeles and co-host of The Flay List on the Food Network, Sophie grew up around Bobby’s restaurants and shares her passion for all things delicious.
At Sundays with Sophie, the Flays invite you to pull up a chair to their family table to learn Bobby’s secrets to preparing delicious, unbeatable meals for any night of the week. Bobby encourages you to cook in the spirit he brings on Sunday: meals that include gathering around the table and sharing beautiful, easy-to-create dishes with family and friends, whether it’s a weeknight or the end of a tough week. These are the soulful dishes that Bobby cooks for the people he loves, whether it’s Sophie’s favorite deli-style chicken salad that Bobby always has stocked in the fridge for her, or an elegant and simple mafaldin with saffron, tomato and prawns that Sophie affectionately called “shrimp pasta.” And, of course, there are plenty of twists on Bobby’s classics: grilled sweet potatoes drizzled with a citrus-herb vinaigrette, buttery Thai chili sauce cornbread, and crispy BBQ-style mushroom burgers. He’ll also learn essential “desert island” techniques that any novice cook should know by heart, such as “Piccata Anything” with a simple sauce of butter, lemon, white wine, and capers (Sophie’s childhood favorite).
With Bobby as your teacher and Sophie as the energetic sous-chef, you’ll feel like you’re cooking alongside the dynamic duo, as you build a repertoire of classic and adaptable recipes that will make you a better cook.

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