Still this love goes onBased on the song by Buffy Sainte-Marie and illustrated by Julie Flett, it celebrates community and the hopeful promise of seeing loved ones again soon.

Sainte-Marie’s lyrics are the basis of the text and recount the beauty of the changing seasons, the love we feel for those we have lost, the celebration of indigenous traditions (like jingle dancers!) and the support that It comes from being part of a community. It is the story of love through the changing seasons and conditions, reminding readers to find beauty in everything around them, from nature to family and friends.

Flett’s stunning full-blood images float between full spreads and a page of text in front of an illustration, making the book feel almost like a fairy tale, full of love and magic. Flett really takes the time to focus on the visual relationship between humans and the natural world before allowing readers the opportunity to see the characters’ faces up close, which makes the story incredibly universal and relatable (especially since we see so many different seasons and types of weather). The illustrations were created with pastel and pencil and finished digitally.

Still this love goes on published in the September issue of Greystone Kids. You can also read an interview I did last year with Julie about her illustration process. here!

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