Spark Magic: How to Write a Multicultural Picture Book for Kids

donna beasley

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07 November 2022

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November 11, 2022


What makes a book go from being good to being excellent? And what makes that book go from great to magical? The key is capturing the spark that transforms a simple concept into a story that people love. In the modern world of literature, books by multicultural authors and/or covering multicultural themes are few. But the need for such books is growing exponentially, creating an opportunity in the marketplace for emerging authors who can write about different facets of the human experience in ways that entertain, educate, and delight readers.

In Spark Magic, How to Write a Multicultural Children’s Book, Donna Beasley takes you step by step through powerful narrative elements. She will learn how to generate compelling ideas, outline her story, create the book she was meant to write, and learn how to avoid the pitfalls that get in the way of story development. This amazing book covers:
• How to find your best idea
• How to establish your character and mission
• How to write a powerful story premise
• Use core story patterns
• The difference between plot and story
• Explore common themes of the story
• Incorporate character flaws
• Learn to show and not tell
• Write your first draft
• Integration of the seven essential rhythms in a story
• The role of illustration
• Review and refine your story
• How to design and produce a book cover
• The basics of desktop publishing

This book has everything you need to go from the blank page to where you have your published book in hand and beyond. Most importantly, it provides the inspiration you need to unleash your inner writer and write the book that only you were meant to write. It’s time to wake up the magic.

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