sit down and have a beer again

sit down and have a beer again by Greg Wyss is an unfiltered publication of poems, short stories, narratives, and dream sequences depicting life in the 1960s and 1970s. This collection is raw, realistic, and unretouched, showing life as it was through the eyes and emotions of the narrators of each piece. this anthology portrays the life and soul of creative America and the world through description, honesty, and thorough thinking.

Divided into three parts, this anthology contains the original works printed in various magazines and publications. Part 1 is a reprint of the works published in Sit Down and Have A Beer from 1977. Parts 2 and 3 are works that Greg Wyss collected as a means of sharing life as it was through the eyes of the people who they wrote every poem, story, dream. and narrative. Some are sad, while others are happy. Others shed light on vulnerability, mental illness, the journey to self-discovery, and the struggles people face. Many of these pieces were written to express creativity and inspire the heart of the nation during the particular time frame in which they were orchestrated.

The works shown in this anthology come from many magazines and small press publishers in the late 1960s and 1970s. This was a way for the average person to have an outlet to express themselves and have their voices heard. These years were a unique time in American history, and poetry and writing came forward to share with readers a snapshot of life in this era.

I found some of the poems depressing at times, and at other times they were eye opening. This post brings to light issues and situations that people struggled with during the era. I would recommend this book as a way to see life through the eyes of others and get some inspiration in the creative world of poetry. Due to the poetic nature and content, I found this reading interesting. This anthology can be a great source of wisdom and encouragement for those in difficulty. I think this work has something for everyone because the raw nature of humanity is at its heart.

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