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05 November 2022

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05 November 2022


One of Entertainment Weekly’s top ten books of the year: “A magical novel that even cynics will close with a smile” (People).

Everyone in Emlyn Springs, Nebraska knows the story of Hope Jones, who was lost in the 1978 tornado. Her three young children found some stability in their father, a concerned doctor, and their mother’s best friend, but nothing could do it. for the loss of hope.

Larken, the oldest, is now an art history professor who looks to food for an answer to a less tangible hunger. Gaelan, the son, is a telegenic meteorologist who dedicates his life to predicting the unpredictable. And the youngest, Bonnie, is a self-proclaimed archivist combing roadsides for clues to her mother’s legacy and her permission to move on.

When they are called home after the sudden death of their father, each brother is forced to revisit the childhood event that defined their lives. With lyricism, wisdom, and humor, this novel from nationally bestselling author Broken for You explores the consequences of protecting those we love. Sing Them Home is a magnificent tapestry of lives connected and undone by tragedy, lives prepared, unbeknownst to the characters, for redemption.

“Comparisons with John Irving and Tennessee Williams would not hurt in this spectacular debut.” —KirkusReviews, featured review

“Sing Them Home constantly surprises. . . A great cast of vividly portrayed characters.” —The Boston Globe

“Fans of Ann Patchett and Haven Kimmel should get on the couch on a wintry weekend with Stephanie Kallos’ wonderfully transporting second novel.” -Weekly entertainment

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