Send the Master in person

Sending the Master in Person: Reflections on Adolf Eichmann is a poem written by A. Keith Carreiro. The first pages contain the poem entitled “Send the Master.” This poem is a great read describing the details of Nazi Germany as well as the actions of Adolf Eichmann. It delves into the great sacrifice that was made by the Allies that were involved. It is told from the point of view of an agent who worked to capture Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi who played a major role in the Holocaust. The poem at the beginning of the book is a long annotated poem. It is accompanied by endnotes that help reveal the terms and references made in the poem, as well as provide more information and background on the time, setting, and people portrayed in this reflection on Eichmann.

This is a fascinating read from start to finish. The poem is entertaining and I appreciated Adolf Eichmann’s descriptions. Send the Master in person is a thought-provoking work that explores the horrors of war as well as the bravery of the ‘good guys’.

I found this book captivating because of the descriptions of the characters’ actions. This poem reads like a novel and is easy to understand. I point this out because some poems can be abstract, and this book does a fantastic job of ensuring readers are fully engaged with what’s going on. It begins with a description of Adolf Eichmann and how he looks like a normal person while the agent is looking for him. I found this compelling; a man so wicked he seems so pedestrian. He then switches to the role he played in the horrors of Nazi Germany.

I enjoyed the unique way this poem reads like a story. This makes it easy to read for people who aren’t necessarily fans of poetry. As a result, I think Send the Master in person It would be perfect for lovers of war fiction, poetry, or history.

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