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Scars and Scales by KC J. Hutchins is the story of Xerxes, a dragon in the midst of a tense war that threatens the lives of mythical species, including his own. With the ability to switch between dragon and human forms, Xerxes, though powerful, is vulnerable to those who want to destroy him. He finds himself confined in a cage under the rule of a ruling queen, who condemns Xerxes to a life of misery until he gets what he wants. How far will Queen Desley go to satisfy his power-hungry desires? Will Xerxes be able to trust the others and unite the lands against Delsey, or will the entire dragon population be decimated?

The first thing I noticed about this book was how deep the lore runs. This makes sense considering KC J. Hutchins’ blog. Obviously, he spent a lot of time developing this world and it shows in this immersive story. This novel immerses the reader in a fantastical world of intriguing magic, dragons, and royalty. The descriptions throughout the story were extensive and helped create a clear picture of the landscape in this epic adventure story. There is a lot to take in and new ideas to absorb to fully understand the book, but it all slowly comes together as you read more.

This is an engaging ensemble story with characters that are compelling and develop organically as the story progresses. Add this to the exceptional dialogue that keeps the plot moving and you have a novel that feels as grand as it is. Lord of the Ringswith a little less exposure.

Scars and Scales by KC J. Hutchins is a thrilling epic fantasy novel that brings together an eclectic cast of fascinating characters and sets them on a perilous quest that is always entertaining. Highly recommended for high fantasy fans or anyone looking for a well defined fantasy world.

Pages: 392 | ISBN: 9798218039929

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