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Brandon P Fleming

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06 November 2022

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06 November 2022


An inspiring memoir of a man’s transformation from criminal and drug dealer to Harvard award-winning educator through literature and debate, all at the age of twenty-seven.
Brandon P. Fleming grew up in an abusive home and was dragged through school, his passing grades a nod to his ability on the basketball court, not his presence in the classroom. At fourteen, he turned to the streets and drug deals, saved only by the dream of basketball stardom.

When he suffered a career-ending injury during his first semester at a Division I school, he dropped out of college and toiled away on an assembly line, until depression pushed him over the edge. Miraculously, his life was saved.
Returning to college, Fleming was determined to reinvent himself as a scholar: to replace illiteracy with mastery of the language, to go from being ignored and invisible to commanding attention. He immersed himself in the work of black thinkers from the Harlem Renaissance to the present day. Crucially, he found the debate, which became the means by which he transformed his life and the tool he would use to transform the lives of others, teaching underserved children to be intrusive in places that are not inclusive, eventually in Harvard University, where to make champions and history.
Through his personal narrative, readers witness Fleming’s transformation, his self-education, and how he takes what he learns about words and power to help others like him. Miseducated is an honest memoir about resilience, visibility, role models, and exceeding all expectations.

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