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Livia Blackburn

Adolescent and young adult

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03 November 2022

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03 November 2022


A hospice healer…
Zivah was once the most promising young healer in her village, mastering potions that altered both body and mind. But when she is recruited to treat a seriously ill battalion of soldiers, she Zivah contracts the deadly plague of roses. She is now doomed to a slow and lonely death, cut off from everyone she loves.
A broken warrior…
Dineas grew up fighting to free his people from the Amparan empire, but capture and torture have left him broken. Although he has now escaped from the emperor’s dungeons, he cannot outrun the lingering effects of his trauma.
Zivah and Dineas share nothing but hatred for the empire and a deep desire to make themselves useful again. When presented with an unexpected opportunity to help their people, they are drawn to the opportunity, even if the dangers are great. If Zivah can use his potions to remove Dineas’s memories, he could infiltrate and undermine the Imperial army. Success could bring the freedom you have longed for. Failure would mean death, or the loss of themselves.
As a healer and a warrior undertake the most dangerous mission of their lives, they face shifting alliances, hidden assassins, and a disease that has left its mark on every aspect of their world. And as Zivah and Dineas’ mistrust of each other gives way to a growing attraction, the two must untangle their treacherous emotions before everything falls apart.

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