Rise of the Gladiator (Complete Collection)

Cheree Alsop

Science fiction

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02 November 2022

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02 November 2022


This is the complete Rise of the Gladiator trilogy
Book 1- Forbidden Planet:
When Captain Nova Ardis enlists the services of a dangerous tattooed gladiator, she knows she’s taking a risk, but she’d do anything for her family.
Kove has survived most of his life in the gladiatorial arena and now, on the eve of winning his freedom, he’s sold once again. At least being the captain’s bodyguard shouldn’t be too difficult compared to the bloody life he’s led.
But when she takes him to the forbidden planet and embarks on a mission to rescue his brother, Kove will have to call on all his skills to stay alive – and the woman he’s falling in love with.
Book 2- Dark Universe:
Captain Nova Ardis rescued her brother but lost her planet. As Lady of the Accord Systems, she has to discover the depths of betrayal before she can go home.
Kovak’s life has taken a dangerous turn. By helping Nova free her brother and choosing to fight the battle in the arena in her place, the gladiator has made some very powerful enemies. Will taking the crew of the SevenWolf into the Dark Universe help them or put them in even greater danger?
Book 3- The Conspiracy of the God King:
When Captain Nova Ardis discovers that her home star system is an intricate part of the God King’s plan, she has no choice but to join the gladiator who is claiming her heart more than she cares to admit.
To remove the price from his head, Kovak must accept a mission to rescue the spy trapped in the Godking’s court. But when the spy turns out to be someone he’s been searching for since childhood, the mission takes a very personal turn. Can he rescue her and keep Nova safe from those who want him dead?

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