Review of ‘The Phantom Locket’

Title: ‘The Phantom Locket’
Author: Allison Rushby
Cover and internal design: ruin cai
Editor: Walker Books
Age range: middle primary, upper primary, middle grade
Topics: mystery, ghosts, haunted house, london

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The latest novel from the acclaimed author. Allison Rushby‘The Ghost Locket’ and it’s just as creepy, atmospheric and captivating as his other middle grade novels, which I can only read during the day because I’m a complete coward.

To celebrate the launch of ‘The Phantom Locket’ We asked some young people in our Your Kid’s Next Read Facebook group to share their thoughts on this title. The youth reviews are my favorite and Edie’s review below is just beautiful, how about Edie? I’m glad you didn’t find it too creepy, but I think she might be a bit like your little sister as I certainly found it creepy!

This review of ‘The Ghost Locket’ is from Edie, age 8.

Eleven-year-old Lolli must return to London and break a promise she made to herself: never again to enter the house in Spitalfields, a historic building run by her family. There, Lolli must face what she saw in the house several years ago and set things right for two ghosts, one friendly and one decidedly not, and open her heart to people in both the living and twilight worlds.

It is about a girl named Lolli who reluctantly enters a creepy house in Spitalfields. Inside she meets two spirits: Clara, who is a nice spirit, and Madame LeNoir, who is not so nice. When she spends time in the house, Lolli realizes that her spirits want something from her.

He discovers that when Clara was alive, she attached herself to an object in the house. I won’t say what that is because it would spoil the story for you. But Clara discovers that half of her soul is not tied to him, so she can finally enter the twilight world. That’s a very happy part of the story that I liked.

My favorite character was Lolli. She has great character traits like persistence and courage. I also liked Clara because she needed Lolli’s help. It was like they were friends somehow even though she was a spirit.

The story is quite mysterious. There are clues throughout the story that make you want to solve the mystery. When Lolli was trying to find what object Clara was tied to, the other spirit was hypnotizing her with her locket. It was then that I realized what object Clara was tied to.

My favorite part was when Lolli achieved her goals and the spirits were able to enter the twilight zone. The truth is that I loved the whole book.

The story is a bit creepy in parts, but it added to the mystery. I didn’t find it scary, but my little sister did. This book will delight readers who like mysteries with a spooky twist.

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