Retribution, Records of Book Two of Argos

Nicholas Hall, Nick to his friends, has done it. He has completed his first official mission for the Allied Consortium. Now, finally, he is ready to return to the depths of space. His crew of four have grown into a family of six, and they’re back for more in Michael J. Farlow’s newest book, Revenge: Argus Records.

As the second installment in the series, Revenge brings back all the characters we love from Melting pot, And I have to say that I am delighted. While the writing is clear and easy to follow, the best part of the book has to be the team and their interactions. Nick the storyteller and resident human there to bridge the gap between his otherworldly crew and us. He brings readers quick jokes and his store of pop culture references. Then there’s Wizzy, the Argos’ outgoing, outgoing AI. Every interaction feels realistic. From jokes to strategy to politics, nothing about Revenge it feels forced.

Plus, this book brings more than a quirky cast of characters to the table; Farlow has also graced us with a beautifully written plot. Unlike other science fiction stories that rely heavily on action, Michael J. Farlow chooses to focus on something else: politics and strategy. While there’s no shortage of combat, Farlow makes it clear that science fiction is about more than just lasers and ships. Every mission and every action the crew takes is well thought out. Acting as peacemakers and, some might say, heroes, makes sense. It matters what they do, what they say and even how they say it.

Retribution: Records of the Argos is a fascinating science fiction novel that takes readers on an exciting adventure. Farlow’s ability to write realistic characters and a plot that is more than just gunsmoke and space. Plus, he does a fantastic job of bringing back beloved old characters while introducing new ones. I for one can’t wait for the next entry in this series.

Pages: 358 | ASIN: B0BH41NKPW

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