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requiem for a queen by Kaylin McFarren takes the classic story of good versus evil and puts a sensual twist on it. As the Red War rages between Heaven and Hell, Lucifer is on the hunt for his escaped prisoners and his soul mate. Those who oppose him have dispersed to various locations to evade capture or are wounded in previous battles. But how are they going to win if they can’t help each other?

Readers of the entire Gehenna series will appreciate the way the author develops her characters within each book and throughout the series. The conflict in the story is one that fans of dark fantasy will be familiar with, but the characters are the reason you keep reading, their relationships are the reason you’ll find this book hard to put down, and your desire to know how it all ends keep you coming back to this book again and again. Every good fantasy novel has a good villain and requiem for a queen does not disappoint. I was enthralled with the Black Dragon.

This novel also takes the trope of the strong female character to a new level with Samara giving birth alone under difficult circumstances. This reminded me of the way Margaret Atwood handles the emotional turmoil faced by the women in her stories. When chapter one ended with ‘The son of Lucifer would come into this world, whether Samara was ready or not’, I had to make sure I was ready to read the next chapter because Kaylin McFarren doesn’t hold anything back and I was sure we were going to be in for a walk. The author is a master of scene detail and situations really come to life once we are in the thick of the action.

requiem for a queen is a gripping paranormal romance that will be devoured by long-time fans of the series. Excellently blending the paranormal romance genre and dark, occult fantasy, I was really intrigued by the lore and backstory built into this story. I always felt that we lived in this world and we are only now discovering it. I enjoyed the way this story tested its main character and put her in dire straits. I know it sounds awful, but that’s why I love fiction and Kaylin McFarren creates some compelling situations that are superbly entertaining.

Pages: 341 | ASIN: B0BBJTR8BD

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